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Get actionable configuration tips and improve Google Analytics reliability

Installing Google Analytics on your website is easy. Configuring it so that you get reliable insights is time intensive and hard. You have to read lot's of documentation, books and blogs to get to know best practices and tricks. Our experience with auditing Analytics for websites, e-commerce webshops and SaaS enabled us to select 50+ checks that make sure you can trust your reports.

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Hassle-free automated audit

Click, sit back and let us do the hard work. Within a few seconds we provide you with the steps to configure your Analytics installation like a pro.

For websites, SaaS and E-commerce

Direct actionable insights

The audit shows you actionable tips too improve your analytics setup. Whether you've got a website, e-commerce webshop or SaaS product.

Crowd-sourced improvements

50+ tests and growing

You'll audit your Google Analytics account against 50+ tests that have been written by Google Analytics audit experts. Plus: we're constantly adding new tests!


High quality audits for Google Analytics

Don't know where to start when you're installing Analytics for your website, webshop or SaaS product? Run our automated audit and get actionable insights on how to improve your setup.

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